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Crystal Chakra Workshop and Sound Bath at Lila Yoga

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

I am getting tremendously THRILLED about an upcoming Workshop and Sound Bath that myself and friend and colleague, Jason Adams, will be conducting at Lila Yoga Studios in State College, PA on Saturday July 20th from 1-3pm!! And I hope you can JOIN US!!

This is the first Workshop I have ever done, and the first time Jason and I are collaborating about our mutual passion for CRYSTALS and how they can improve our overall sense of well being.

In this workshop, we will be having a fun and informative discussion on the science of crystals and learning about our Subtle Body System, or Chakras. The vibrational properties of ourselves interacting with the properties of crystals can have a positive affect on our thoughts, feelings and responses to everyday life. We will be conducting PRACTICAL EXERCISES during the workshop and give you an opportunity to choose your very own own MASTER QUARTZ. You will be given an 8 piece crystal set to take home too! We will also be discussing various ways you can utilize your crystals and keep them activated for years to come! The last 30 minutes of the workshop will be a Sound Bath using Lila's Quartz Crystal Bowls providing LIVE vibrational frequencies that will amplify the energy of your crystals and stimulate and release the energy of your Chakras. I will be providing Distant Reiki Energy during the Sound Bath.


And if that didn't sound amazing enough, Jason will be displaying his handmade Crystal jewelry for purchase and I will be having a Special Offer for participant's FIRST Reiki Healing Session at Flying Crane Reiki along with a Reiki Infused Paper Crane as my gift to you.

The Workshop and Sound Bath is $35 and includes your Master Quartz and Crystal Set. There will be an opportunity for additional purchases on Jason's crystal art and Private Reiki Sessions as well. There are limited crystal sets available, so if you want to join us for this exciting event you can learn more about it and register here:

I really hope to see you there <3

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