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FEBRUARY SPECIALS at Flying Crane Reiki!

So much happening at Flying Crane Reiki......!!!!

For February, I will be offering BOGO REIKI Healing Sessions!! Purchase a Reiki Session at full price ($70) and receive a FREE REIKI Healing Session Gift Certificate redeemable until March 31, 2020. You can use this Gift Certificate for yourself or give the GIFT OF HEALING to someone you love <3 Just in time for Valentine's Day!!

Also SUNDAY FEBRUARY 16, 2020, I will be offering Usui/Holy Fire Reiki 1 Training and Certification at Flying Crane Reiki from 10am to 5pm. Cost: $150 and Limit 4/class.

***Check out FACEBOOK EVENT for MORE INFO on class and how to register***

Check out my REIKI SERVICES page to see the NEW LOWER RATES on Healing Services at Flying Crane Reiki!! In addition to single Reiki Healing Sessions, I offer Wellness Packages which provide savings for multiple sessions.

A Healing Attunement is a sacred ceremony which allows a client to remove negative blockages and empower goals. Healing Attunements are open to ANYONE and affordably priced at $40; plus, can be performed separate or in conjunction with a Reiki Healing Session or Aura Clearing.

An Aura Clearing is also known as Psychic Surgery. Aura Clearings assertively remove blockages and bring one to optimal health. Aura Clearings are now $150 and can be separate or combined with other Reiki Services.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 29th AT 1:30-3:30pm, I will be giving a Workshop at Lila Yoga Studios along with friend and colleague, Jason Adams, called Crystal Chakra Workshop 101.

***Check out FACEBOOK EVENT for MORE INFO on workshop and how to register ***

I hope to hear from you soon!!! Also remember, I am ACCEPTING NEW MUSIC STUDENTS so if you or anyone you know is interested in Piano and/or Accordion lessons (Accordions available for rent/purchase), please contact me <3

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