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Happy 2021!! Now offering IN-PERSON Music Lessons and Reiki Healing

Welcome to Flying Crane Reiki and the Music Studio of Denise Strayer After an unprecedented year of many changes, I am looking forward to a more hopeful 2021, where we can still connect with one another safely, as we navigate through the COVID pandemic together. I am pleased to offer BOTH IN-PERSON and REMOTE services in Music Instruction and Holy Fire Reiki services. I have worked diligently, to the best of my abilities, to ensure Music Students and Reiki Clients are entering a separate, safe, and clean environment and have developed a protocol before and after each person enters my home. FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES during In-Person lessons/sessions. Because of the investments made to create a separate safe space, there will be a small additional COVID surcharge of $3 per In-Person appointment. I will also be continuing with REMOTE services for those who wish to take advantage of this 100% safe option as well.

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