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I am fully COVID vaccinated!!!

COVID vaccinations and warmer weather brings hope to many after such a challenging year, we all are looking forward to hugging our family and friends once again and take gratitude in things we once took for granted.

I am pleased to announce that I received my 2nd COVID shot in April! I will continue to practice all COVID protocols and procedures for in-person students/clients to ensure the safety of our family members and community. Face masks will still be REQUIRED during all in-person lessons/sessions.

I have been delighted with how successful in-person arrangements have been!! I have availability for both MUSIC LESSONS and REIKI HEALING SESSIONS, so please reach out if you are interested. REMOTE options are also available to those looking for that option. I am also offering PRIVATE Reiki Training and Certifications which will be a 4 weekly one-on-one sessions to those who want to administer Reiki to themselves and loved one...more information to come!

Happy Spring, Everyone <3

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