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Why Paper Cranes??

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

I have been doing Origami for many years. As a piano teacher, I made various sizes of Origami Pianos at Christmas time for gifts for my students.

Smallest Origami Piano To Date (2019)

I have used the Origami book my Mother, Rome, gave me many years ago as my go-to for new creations. But there was one problem. I could never figure out the Flying Crane in the book. I vaguely remember doing a Flying Crane in Catholic grade school in Philadelphia growing up, but after that I was never able to make one.

I tried many times during the 10++ years of owning that book, but always got stuck in one step or another. The Flying Crane has 46 steps. Sometimes I got stuck at Step 5, sometimes Step 20, but in all my attempts, I just couldn't figure it out.

Finally, a few months ago, I was DETERMINED to make a Flying Crane. I had beautiful origami paper and I vowed that I wouldn't give up, no matter how long it took. I achieved it after many hours and the final step resonated with my core. If all the steps are done accurately there is a tiny hole underneath the body of the crane right in the middle. The final step is to blow AIR in the body while opening the wings to give the Flying Crane LIFE.

Reiki is traditionally known as a "touch" or a "healing hands" technique, but in fact, Reiki can be administer several ways. Touch, Sight, Thought (Distant), and BREATH. When I finally achieved the last step and realized that my breath was the final step, I knew that this was connected to my healing practice. Each Flying Crane is Infused with Reiki Energy by the healing breath of the final step.

The Flying Crane serves as a Distant Reiki Energy gift for each client to provide healing even after a session is over. The Flying Crane represents the True Beauty (LOVE) in the world and I only hope that this reminder of what True Beauty is resonates with each client.

Tiniest Origami Crane To Date (2019)

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