**Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, there are NO IN-PERSON treatments being conducted at this time.  However, I am offering Flying Crane Reiki SPECIALS that I hope can assist those seeking to support local businesses, and receive healing and peace during this time. ** 

Flying Crane Reiki Healing Specials

**HALF OFF In-Person Reiki Healing Sessions for only $37.50**

Support local business and purchase an In-Person Reiki Healing Session GIFT CERTIFICATE at HALF OFF which can be used once we are able to safely meet in person.  Expires 12/2021. 

**Holy Fire Reiki Sound Bath Live Online Sessions for only $40**

Schedule a live online 30-minute Reiki Healing Session via Zoom, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger.  30-minute session will include a 10 minute consultation followed by a 20 minute sound bath where Denise will send Reiki healing energy to client to promote relaxation and stress reduction.

15-minute Reiki Healing Session only $20.   



Healing Sessions includes an in-depth discussion about client's concerns and how Reiki may help.  A chakra assessment and explanation of findings will take place prior to a full body Reiki treatment, which promotes relaxation and stress reduction while sending healing energy to the subtle body system.  Crystals will be used to enhance healing frequency. Client receives a Reiki-Infused Paper Crane handmade by Denise as a gift after each session.  The paper crane also provides distant healing to the client even after session is over. 

1 Hour Session: $70


Dynamic Duo: $120

2 Reiki Sessions within a 30 day period.  This package allows a client to get a thorough healing experience and progress to optimal health.


Wellness Journey: $200

4 Reiki Sessions scheduled within a 3 month period. This package allows a client to experience how regular Reiki Sessions can provide profound stress reduction and relaxation and promote healing.   


As a Reiki Master Teacher, Denise will conduct Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Training and Certifications in Reiki I, Reiki II, ART, and Master levels.  Limit 4 students per Certification level. 

Reiki I: $150

Reiki II: $200

ART (Advance Reiki Training): $200

Reiki Master: $600


Attunements are sacred ceremonies in the Reiki Community.  HEALING ATTUNEMENTS assist in removing negative energy and empowering goals for a client.  These Attunements are open to ANYONE and can be performed separately or in conjunction with a regular Reiki session and/or Aura Clearing.  

Healing Attunment: $40


An Aura Clearing is designed to assist a client in assertively removing blockages in the subtle body energy system and bring one to optimal health. 

Aura Clearing is also known as Psychic Surgery.

Aura Clearing: $150


The Flying Crane represents the true beauty in the world and is given to each client as a reminder of that beauty.  These Reiki-Infused Cranes also contain distant Reiki energy that continues to heal even after the client has left his/her session.  


Focusing on amplifying the healing energy during sessions, Denise will use crystals and stones individually chosen to direct energy to blocked or drained chakras.  Clients will also have the opportunity to purchase Reiki-Charged Chakra Crystal Stones/Sets,  Master Quartz Shards, Pendulums, and Selenite Wands.

Crystal/Stone Price Varies 

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